Trusted Suppliers of High Quality Sulfur Based Fertilizers and Industrial Chemicals

As a widely respected chemical supplier, our mission is to use our generational knowledge in the industrial chemical and fertilizer industry to provide our valued customers with high quality sulfur based fertilizers and industrial chemicals they can trust, thereby increasing their profitability and maximizing their yields. We accomplish this through strict and efficient manufacturing procedures as well as a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service.

Our mission

about us

Dimmitt Sulfur Products has access to an in-house trucking company as well as a fleet of rail cars. This sets us apart from other companies because we are able to utilize those assets in order to deliver product to our customers much quicker. 

Why Dimmitt Sulfur?

Dimmitt Sulfur Products ships nationwide (in bulk only, no packaging) both by truck and by rail in order to provide our customers expedient service.