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product line

Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS)

This liquid fertilizer effectively provides nitrogen and sulfur as crop nutrients. It contains 12% nitrogen (N) and 26% sulfur (S). ATS is the most widely used sulfur-containing fluid fertilizer.

Potassium Thiosulfate (K-Vite)

A liquid source for potassium and sulfur. It contains 25% potash (K2O) and 17% Sulfur (S).

Ammonium Bisulfite

Used primarily in the oil field as an oxygen scavenger. It is also in the dichlorination of water.



Sodium Bisulfite

Dechlorinating agent for wastewater as well as other industrial applications.

Potassium Sulfite

Used in a variety of water treatment applications.

Ammonium Hydroxide
 (Aqua Ammonia)  

Used in water treatment, flu gas remediation and other industrial applications.

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